The Red Phone Booth and Amalfi Pizza Preview Party

Guests enter through Phone Booth
Last night, we had a wonderful opportunity to experience the era of 1920s prohibition and the touch of Italy all in one building. The Red Phone Booth which will soon be opening in the historic Dailey's location at 17 Andrew Young International Blvd., is a speakeasy concept in the heart of downtown Atlanta. If this sounds familiar it's because the owners of this are the same as the now closed Prohibition cigar lounge in Buckhead. To get in guests must go through the traditional English red phone booth located outside the establishment just like at Prohibition. Entrance is only granted by putting the correct phone number into the rotary phone. This number will is constantly changing and is only passed along by spoken word and never written. Inside is a exquisite cigar lounge and bar with numerous couches and a fireplace. The light from the outside is blocked out by blinds to give the room a dark and secretive ambiance. The bar is extensive and the bartenders are extremely knowledgeable in their libations. I'm not proficient in drinks at all so I trusted the bartender with over 30 years of experience to make them for me and I was not disappointed, each drink was better than the last and complimented the specialty Red Phone Booth cigars that we also enjoyed.

The alleyway leading to Amalfi Pizza

Once I had indulged in my drinks and cigar, I was led on a tour to upstairs which housed the 170-capacity of the much anticipated Amalfi Pizza. While these two places are connected you don't have to enter through the phone booth to get to the restaurant. Instead guests will walk through antique double doors that lead you into a magnificent Italian-style alleyway with a beautiful mural of an Italian town on the side, flower balconies, and hanging lights above. It's an amazing area that really took my breath away when I saw it. The exposed brick on the wall and floor was already in place when they took over the building; pressure washing gave it a more rustic look which really makes you feel like you're roaming around Italy. They tried to maintain the integrity of the original Dailey's architecture while adding their own flair which they managed with perfection. Up the stairs was the restaurant which featured large, semi-circle lounges and tables, and multiple large mirrors against the walls. There are two wood fire ovens made of clay from Mt. Vesuvius that had to be dropped in by crane through the roof and the floors had to be reinforced to support them. They heat to around 800 to 900 degrees and can hold six to seven Neapolitan pizzas.

The seating arrangement of Amalfi

This is, in my opinion, one of the most intriguing places to be in downtown. It's all within walking distance from major hotels and campuses, and this is a great spot to for a date or business meetings. The architecture is amazing and the natural rustic feel is something that I love seeing in older buildings around the city. The atmosphere was unlike anything I've experienced before and I encourage everyone to go and see it for themselves. The Red Phone Booth will open on August 20th and Amalfi Pizza is set to open Labor Day weekend. More information can be found on their website and their Facebook page.

Disclosure: we attended this event as part of a media tour, however, all opinions are original and unsolicited.